What We Strive For

To provide flexible and accessible services that enable newcomers to succeed and reach their full potential. We strive to address newcomers' unique needs for settlement and integration into the workplace and community through a comprehensive online environment.

Our Programs

Providing Support for New Manitobans

Live and Learn: an online community for new Manitobans. Browse articles (Live) or Explore Activities (Learn)

Launched in March 2015, the Live and Learn website is English Onlineā€™s centralized access point for settlement information and language learning options for newcomers to Manitoba. View this project at… Live & Learn Settlement ResourcesRead more »

Connecting Newcomers with Mentors

Two people in an online video chat.

We offer personalized learning through our EAL e-Tutors, Settlement e-Volunteers, and Career e-Mentors. They provide assistance that meets learners’ specific needs for language learning, career guidance, or settlement information. This… E-Volunteer ProgramRead more »

Serving Canada's ESL Practitioners

A woman smiling in a computer lab with people working in the background.

The Realize Forum is a comprehensive professional development program for ESL/EAL and settlement practitioners. It aims to build expertise in the sector thereby continually elevating the quality of services for… Realize Professional Development ProgramRead more »