June 2014 EO Webinar: Teacher’s Happiness in Today’s Blended World

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Session 1. A Call for Human Feel in Our Increasingly Blended World

Social presence is crucial in the success of online English language learning. This presentation will share Canadian research findings highlighting strategies to use online teacher presence to engage learners and build cohesive learning communities in blended and distance English language teaching/learning.

Session 2. Professional Happiness in the field of ESL

Professional happiness in ESL is a twofold concept, necessarily including the well-being of learners and of teachers alike. Self-Determination Theory offers an empirically tested model for professional happiness that also is persuasive in layman’s terms. This presentation will introduce participants to a genuinely practical model for achieving and promoting professional happiness.


Session Handouts:

Presentation Slides: Professional Happiness in the field of ESL

Plagiarism Case Study-Brief

New Colleague Case Study-Brief

About Presenters

Geoff LawrencePh.D., teaches ESL and applied linguistics at York University, Toronto.  Geoff is interested in exploring the potential of online, blended and classroom-based English language teaching and teacher education.  His research examines online/blended language teaching methodology, teacher beliefs towards educational innovation and intercultural learning in language and teacher education.

John Sivell is a professor of Applied Linguistics (TESL), and interim Director of the Centre for Intercultural Studies, Brock University. He came to his interest in professional happiness over the span of a career that has included periods of service as both an educational administrator and an ESL, EFL or TESL instructor in Canada and abroad; he is a TESL Ontario accredited TESL Trainer and teacher of adult ESL. At present, his teaching centres on TESL methodology courses in Brock’s BA, CTESL and MA programs.

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