English Online Webinar: Fostering Teacher and Learner Autonomy

*If you require a certificate for  watching a recording of this webinar, please forward your request to Natalia Aleko at naleko@myenglishonline.ca.

Session 1: Google: A Toolbox for Teachers

How can we become skilled and efficient users of technology for teaching and learning? What tools are available to help manage information and tasks in today’s blended/online classrooms? When used for collaboration and information/ time management, Google can be a powerful tool in the classroom and outside of it.  This workshop will look at Google apps and services that can be used to stay connected, engaged and well-organized when learning and teaching online.

About the author

Elena Maggio has extensive experience working with ESL instructors, organizing and delivering online training and professional development for LINC Home Study at The Centre for Education & Training in Ontario, Elena facilitates training on the use of technology in language instruction, and has developed a wide range of training resources for ESL/EAL professionals engaged in the use of technology for language teaching.

Session 2: Exploring Learner Autonomy in English Language Learning

This webinar hopes to encourage discussion and reflection around defining and promoting learner autonomy across various English language learning contexts. Three areas associated with promoting learner autonomy will be explored: learners teaching learners, peer review, and extracurricular volunteering.

About the author

Chris Wharton started his journey as an English teacher in Japan. After seven years, he returned to Canada and started teaching English at SAIT Polytechnic. Chris has also taught technical communication, presentation skills, and job search skills at SAIT. He has recently become more involved with curriculum development. Over the years, Chris has published articles in The Language Teacher, Asian EFL Journal, JALT Conference Proceedings, TESL Canada SHARE, and a book chapter in Realizing Autonomy. He has presented at JALT Conferences, ATESL Conferences, and TESL Canada. Chris is co-chair of Calgary ATESL and co-chair of the 2015 TESL Canada Conference.

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