Happy New Year!

A New Road Ahead!

I really look forward to the New Year. Sure, all the accomplishments and great things we did the previous year are in a sense, wiped out, but a new year presents us with the opportunity and motivation to start fresh and create new goals for ourselves. As we sit back and reflect upon the previous year and ponder the “new road” just ahead, we can truly see the possibilities are endless. We have a fresh slate, so to speak. Why not take this week to think about what a wonderful year 2014 was, but also gaze out upon the clear road ahead. Set some new goals for yourself and think about what you can do to make them happen!


Party Idioms http://myenglishonline.wikispaces.com/Party+Idioms

“How to make New Year’s resolutions and actually keep them” – a blog post by Benny the Polyglot http://www.fluentin3months.com/keep-a-new-years-resolution/

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