English Online welcomes new Executive Director

English Online Inc.
October 20, 2015

English Online welcomes new Executive Director

The Board of Directors and staff of English Online Inc. (EO) are pleased to announce that Dan Sylvester has been hired as the organization’s new Executive Director. This new development ushers in an exciting era in EO’s history as the organization expands its services as Manitoba’s online learning and settlement information network.

Mr. Sylvester brings with him more than 20 years of management experience which he gained from various upper management positions. His expertise is leadership development anchored on strengthening interpersonal relationships and successful group and organizational dynamics. Much of his experience was with Canada Post, where he had various roles such as Operations Supervisor, Superintendent /Team Lead, Project Lead/Manager, Planning and Continuity Specialist, and Operations and Regional Delivery Service Manager. He was also connected with Manitoba Start as a career coach and facilitator.

He earned his Master’s Degree in Science with specialization in Leader Development from Walden University, Minnesota. He also completed courses in Finance for the Non-Financial Manager and Strategic Leadership from Queen’s University. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology as well as a Career Development Practitioners Certificate from the University of Winnipeg.  Along with these, he has a wealth of knowledge in the various aspects of organizational development and management gained from experience as well as from accomplishing independent coursework.

The EO team warmly welcomes Mr. Sylvester as he officially starts his Executive Director duties on October 20, 2015 and looks forward to strengthening the organization with his direction.

About EO

English Online Inc. (EO) is a non-for-profit organization that brings the best learning resources, people, and technology together to address newcomers’ unique needs for integration into the workplace and community. EO has also engaged ESL professionals in online community discussions, teaching with technology and best practices webinars, and various online and face-to-face presentations across the country.

Over the past seven years, it has grown from a one-person organization to a staff of nine full-time employees, two part-time ESL instructors, and more than 100 volunteers. In 2011, EO reached a landmark with 1,928 registered learners serviced by only four staff members.  In the following year, EO garnered an average of 350 registered learners a month.

Today, it continues to break new ground in introducing innovative online learning programs for newcomers. Its effective and flexible ESL instruction is grounded on settlement themes that equip learners with the necessary information to ease their transition. The organization has also started shifting towards developing Open Educational Resources (OER) on its website www.youliveandlearn.ca, enabling learners and educators full and easy access to learning and teaching materials.

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