Accessibility Standard for Customer Service at English Online

English Online reiterates its commitment to complying with the Accessibility Standard for Customer Service under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act as it takes effect on November 1, 2018.

Live and Learn, English Onlineā€™s main portal for providing its services to newcomer clients, has been designed to meet accessibility standards right from its launch. The site has intuitive navigation, readable text and employs alt text for all its images. Alt text allows clients that use assistive technology like screen readers or other text to speech software to access descriptive information instead of the image. The website is also designed to be used on various computer formats including tablets and other mobile devices. EO clients and registrants are always provided the option to communicate with the staff in alternate formats (telephone, email, VoIP technology) that they prefer upon request.

EO is committed to working towards removing barriers to online (and all other forms of) communication to continue providing inclusive and accessible support and service for all newcomer learners in Manitoba.

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