EO welcomes the new year with Interim ED, LINC Home Study Coordinator/Lead e-Facilitator and Settlement Services Coordinator

The Board of Directors and staff of English Online Inc. (EO) are pleased to announce the promotion of Natalia Aleko to Interim Executive Director effective immediately. We also welcome Yini Song, Lead e-facilitator/LINC Home Study Coordinator and Elena Yemelyanova, Settlement Services Coordinator to the EO Team.

Natalia has been with English Online for more than eight years serving the organization in various capacities. She rose from the ranks from registration assistant to Lead of Teacher Services, then Lead of Settlement and Teacher Services, then finally Interim Executive Director. She brings with her years of expertise in EAL/ESL instruction, having worked in this field in Latvia and in Manitoba. Among her major projects are the REALIZE Forum, a Canada-wide online conference for ESL/EAL and settlement practitioners and the IRCC-supported Learn IT2Teach Project in Manitoba. English Online represents LearnIT2Teach in Manitoba and provides training and mentorship to local project participants. Natalia holds a Master’s degree in Education specializing in Pedagogy and Education Management from Daugavpils University in Latvia and a Bachelor in Pedagogy and TESOL from the Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy. With Natalia’s leadership, English Online is gearing up towards becoming Manitoba’s foremost online learning network.

Meanwhile, Yini Song and Elena Yemelyanova joined EO in January. Yini has a rich experience in teaching academic English, test-oriented (IELTS) and settlement-oriented classes, as well as hospitality-tailored classes. She has just finished her term at the English Language Centre of the University of Manitoba and the Summer Intensive Program at the University of Winnipeg. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Economics from the Communication University of China and a TESL certificate from the University of Winnipeg in 2016. “I am excited to join English Online which provides newcomers with various online settlement and ESL learning possibilities. Together, we can make this seemingly impossible transition process smoother and more possible for our clients!” Yini said.

Elena echoes the same sentiment:” I am happy to join the English Online Team as this gives me a chance to help immigrants settle in Manitoba. Being an immigrant myself, I understand the issues that we face on the way to success.” EO’s new Coordinator of Settlement Services is a recent graduate of the University of Winnipeg’s EAL program. She also holds a Master’s degree in English language and literature, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a postgraduate degree in International Business from Red River College. Elena has experience in diverse fields including education and software business, and an interest in cutting edge technologies. She also has a global understanding of diverse environments. Congratulations Natalia and welcome Yini and Elena!

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