EO announces board member resignation

English Online, Inc. (EO) announces the resignation of Jo-Ann Schick as a member of the Board of Directors effective immediately. The Board, Interim Executive Director and staff are grateful for Jo-Anne’s committed service and support through all these years.

Jo-Anne was instrumental in the conceptualization and creation of EO as a flexible way to deliver high-quality EAL/ESL language training to Manitobans no matter where they live or when they are able to learn. She previously worked in the Adult Language Training Branch of Labour and Immigration and became involved in EO since its launch in 2008. Jo-Anne eventually became EO’s Board Chair, assuming the position until she passed the torch last year and became a member. “Jo-Anne has served the board of directors for as long as I can remember and over this time, she has made many contributions to the success and growth of EO,” Natalia Aleko, EO’s Interim ED said.

Despite her departure, Jo-Anne continues to be a firm believer in the important role that EO plays in providing settlement and language services for newcomers in Manitoba. “EO has weathered changes in staff, alterations in its core vision, differences in funding, and has continued to grow and thrive because of this – EO has in fact become a key component in the delivery of trusted settlement and English language services for newcomers to the province of Manitoba. My hope for the next ten years is that EO will continue to adapt to ongoing transformations in the areas of newcomer needs, technology and customer service so that the organization may always hold an esteemed place among the EAL service providers in Manitoba and beyond!” Jo-Anne said.

Everyone at EO will miss working with Jo-Anne and is grateful for her years of dedication, unwavering support and hard work. We wish her all the best.

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