Board of Directors (Volunteer Opportunity)

English Online is a not-for-profit organization that provides flexible online learning services to newcomers. Its Board of Directors is currently seeking interested and qualified candidates to serve as Directors on its volunteer board for a two-year term.

A minimum of two positions need to be filled.

The ideal candidate is passionate about supporting and enhancing educational opportunities for newcomers, enjoys networking, and understands the unique challenges of operating in a not-for-profit environment. Candidates who represent the organization’s diverse client population would be a particular asset to the board at this time.

Skills required:


As defined by the organization’s by-laws, every director shall:

  • understand English Online Inc.’s mission and strategic plan -commit to the amount of time necessary to be an effective board and team member of English Online Inc.;
  • understand their role and avoid any perceived conflicts of interest or expect remuneration or compensation for services rendered;
  • place the organization’s purposes and interests above their own professional and personal interests when making decisions;
  • provide meaningful guidance, direction and support to the Board members, English Online Inc.’s management team and their operation of activities in maintaining fiscal responsibility;
  • understand the length of term is two years or longer if mutually agreed to;
  • understand there is a plan for succession and diversity;
  • be familiar with Board of Directors’ responsibilities.

Time Commitment:        

Daytime, Evening, Weekend

Board of Directors meet 6 times per calendar year; special meetings may be called as needed. In addition, the board, staff, and community members gather annually for the Annual General Meeting in September. Board of Directors are expected to maintain consistent and open communication with the Executive Director and the board.


Certificate of recognition, evaluation, and training/orientation

Application Process:

To apply, please submit a letter of intent and updated resume via email to: In your letter of intent, please indicate your intentions to serve on the board of directors of English Online Inc. Your letter of intent should tell the nomination committee your hopes for the position, your planned contribution as a member of the board, and how your intentions align with the mission and vision of English Online Inc. Kindly review the organizational website to learn more about English Online Inc.

Closing Date:  

May 27, 2023