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Live and Learn: an online community for new Manitobans. Browse articles (Live) or Explore Activities (Learn)

Launched in March 2015, the Live and Learn website is English Online’s centralized access point for settlement information and language learning options for newcomers to Manitoba.

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The “Live” side of the site has settlement articles on the 12 topics most relevant to   newcomers:

Aside from providing the necessary information through curated articles, some write-ups feature a Language Quiz to further engage readers, hone English skills and ensure comprehension.

You can also see a full list of topics and articles on our Articles Index page.


Learners can choose from four types of flexible learning options giving them the freedom to take charge of their learning journey:

Group Study

Multi-Week Sessions – These sessions require a four-week commitment. Learners work with peers and an eFacilitator to build language skills. Every week, they work through different articles or videos and meet to discuss various topics. The learning materials are open all year, but the live workshops are scheduled.

Drop-in Workshops – These are offered every week and cover a variety of topics to support settlement needs and language practice. Learners meet other learners in these live sessions and continue discussions in the forums.

Virtual Coffee Chats – These are informal gatherings on Skype once a week to discuss topics related to life in Canada. The topics are chosen by participants, who take turns moderating the weekly sessions.


The self-study learning options can be accessed 24/7. There are several options:

English Exercises – These are modules developed for beginners, lower intermediate and intermediate learners. Each module has several lessons to practise listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Canadian Idioms – Activities that introduce learners to common idioms in the workplace and in daily conversations.

iEnglish – A set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to encourage ownership for language learning and approach learning outside of the classroom in an effective way.

One-on-One Learning

LINC Homestudy – LHS is a language training program available to ESL learners who cannot attend a face-to-face class in Manitoba. They are matched with an eFacilitator who monitors assesses progress. The program uses both the LHS and EO platforms to practise language skills. Upon completion, learners receive a CLB certificate.

E-Volunteer program – Depending on their current needs, learners are matched with an EAL e-Tutor, a Career e-Mentor or a Settlement e-Volunteer. Through this program, they receive support to address language needs, gain knowledge of life in Canada and awareness of community resources available, receive appropriate information related to the local labour market, make connections with established Canadians, and grow social and professional networks.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Discussion forums on various settlement topics are open to all registered learners. Participants are encouraged to share, comment, and react to posts and practice their language skills. This learning option also engenders community-building, with learners interacting and connecting with their peers and sharing experiences.