Appreciation From our Learners

EO enables you to study at the time convenient to you at home, without the thought of rushing of going to school and having a schedule conflict with work.

Michael B.

My summer course learning plan was very helpful. It was like my daily, weekly and monthly planner. This plan helped organize my thoughts and create my own study schedule.

Natalia P. from Russia

I’d like to thank all the staff of English Online for the fantastic job that they do. You really do the gigantic work: always looking for the ways to improve, to be more supportive, to make the learning process more exciting. And it’s really works! After only half-a-year of studying with English Online my CLB from 5-6 became 7!

I hope you will be there for us all the way of our immigration process.

Thank you very much! And keep at it for all of us! You’re doing a very important job!

Elshan H.

Yay! I got CLB 7 on my reading test -> Thanks to EO!

Elshan H.

I was pleasantly surprised to find my name mentioned in the June Newsletter because of the presentation I did about my home country Mexico.

This is a great motivation for me; being part of English Online has made a big difference to my English.


Ana Maria Casillas

I didn’t expect English Online can improve my English, but it really helped me a lot.

Anonymous, 4-week course feedback