E-Volunteer Program

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We offer personalized learning through our EAL e-Tutors, Settlement e-Volunteers, and Career e-Mentors. They provide assistance that meets learners’ specific needs for language learning, career guidance, or settlement information.

This is also an outlet for volunteers to train in EAL/ESL and educational technology, and/or to give back to their community.

Volunteer EAL/ESL e-tutors provide informal language training to adult learners, engaging them in conversations about life in Manitoba to practice English speaking and listening skills. Career e-mentors, on the other hand, provide essential information and guidance to internationally-trained learners about their respective professions and how these are practiced in Manitoba. The interaction prepares learners in their search for suitable employment and helps build their connections at the same time. Finally, settlement e-volunteers provide information, orientation and supportive counseling to ease newcomers’ integration into their new community.

The programs offer a mutually beneficial arrangement for volunteers who must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents (with at least one year of residency). They are given the unique opportunity to train in web 2.0 tools. Upon request, the organization signs for confirmation letters for 10+ hours of volunteering and issue volunteer recognition certificates for those who have accomplished 30+ hours of volunteer work. In return, the organization is able to provide personalized service to clients who may value directly interacting with a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who can share their own newcomer experience.

English Online Inc. uses the Canadian Code of Volunteer Involvement as a guide to our volunteer program. All volunteers are encouraged to read this document.

EAL/ESL e-Tutors

English Online’s Volunteer e-Tutors provide informal EAL/ESL training to English Online adult learners. Tutoring sessions provide English Online learners with ample opportunities for developing and practicing English Language skills in an informal context, growing intercultural awareness and building connections.

Career e-Mentors

Volunteers from a range of professions are matched with internationally trained immigrant professionals from equivalent or related professions to assist in their search for suitable employment. This program helps newcomers establish meaningful social connections and grow their social and professional networks, develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to overcome the difficulties that may prevent them from finding a suitable job.

Settlement e-Volunteers

Settlement e-Volunteers provide information, orientation, and supportive counseling to help newcomers settle and integrate into the community independently. The program facilitates information sharing in various areas of essential services and settlement related needs to increase newcomers’ access to educational, recreational, economic and cultural opportunities. It gives newcomers an insight into the community they are joining.

Get Involved

To find out how to become a volunteer, see our Volunteer page or visit our professional development site for volunteers here: realizeforum.ca/volunteer.